About Us

PrayersOnDemand.com was created to support and encourage all mankind through the power of prayer and words of love, encouragement and inspiration. We are building a database of prayers, poems and scriptures that address every aspect of human lives.

PrayersOnDemand.com is a sacred space that you can visit any time of the day or night to hear or write an inspired Word from God. We have designed this online space to be a place where you can come when you feel alone, discouraged or scared to remind yourself that someone out in the world is praying for you and “touching and agreeing” that what you ask of our Father in heaven will be done for you. You can also come here to celebrate and bless the Lord with your praise. Our team is working to make the PrayersOnDemand™ website and online communities an anointed collection of spaces where both people who know the Lord and people who are seeking peace can come to be encouraged, inspired and instructed by God’s Word.

If you are a Prayer Warrior and want to bless others through the power of prayer and bible-based encouraging words, we want to hear from you. Click here to learn how to be a PrayersOnDemand™ contributor.